Thing 6:Feeding

Habit 2: Taking Responsibility for Your Own Learning. I am thrilled with myself that I am learning new things about technology. This task finding feeders that you are interested in.

Feeding makes your life more compact. Instead of spending so much time surfing, feeding allows you to customize your interest better. Feeding allows me to work smarter-not harder. What could be better than that when we have so much  to do?

At the end of the school year,  our principal ask each of us to step up our game as educators. We would be moving into developing more rigorous curriculum for our students. I am thrilled that we are moving in this direction.

The article A Wicked Problem by Shelley Wright helps us understand the importance of keeping our students engaged in their learning. In other words, learning isn’t linear. I also ask myself when I am creating a lesson what do I want for my own children. That question is one of my driving force in helping me developed active lessons. Besides that I hate listening all the time.

I also learned a new term from this article called “myelination” and brain theory. My quest is to learn more about this term.

One more article to read is called What are your beliefs about learning?  This article will provide you with a  reminder about why you teach. Have fun and keep learning.

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